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I have 69 followers on my instagram and I almost want no one to follow me ever again because this is the most fantastic thing that ever was?….but also no, don’t listen to that please please follow me because I need to start generating an income from all of this because capitalism is a pile of poop by liking, commenting, and sharing my social media posts and website!

Once I have a larger following, I’m hoping to start a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for the initial starting costs I need to start making prints, t-shirts, stickers, and a business license so please check back often!

You can also check out my other offerings on my website. I do commissioned art on a sliding scale, accessibility audits, consulting for other disabled folx trying to get accommodations, and am also interested in finding some really great queer crips to work on a zine together or something.

You can hit me up in my dms or my e-mail, sage.leaves.cip.access@gmail.com. Or, use my encrypted address, sage-leaves@protonmail.com

Thank you for all the love and support thus far! Especially to my beautiful crip fam, I love you all!

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