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Aliens have no gender

· Science fiction,Androgyny,Queerness,Transgender,Nonbinary

I’ve been really in love with aliens for a while now. They’re literally, well, alien. They’re out of this world. We have no concept for what bodies they have, how they move, what their politics are. Which meeeans that they don’t have the same concepts of racism, ableism, and queerphobia that we do. And, hopefully, they don’t have gender.

Stay tuned, I’m going to try and turn this into a sticker when I have a scanner! Aka, my crowdfunding campaign will be coming up soon, so stay in touch.

[Image description: A drawing of an alien’s face is sitting on a wooden surface, with dried rose petals scattered around it. The drawing depicts the face of an alien with light-green skin, two large black eyes, accentated by shiny eye-liner (or mascara?, who knows it’s an alien. At the center of the alien’s forehead is a crescent moon, then above that are small flecks of silver flecks, that are reminiscent of stars. Then, at the top are the words “Aliens have no gender”.]

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