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All work and no play...

· Depression sucks,Mental illness,Freaks Zine,Disability,Support disabled art

Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been gone for so long! I’ve definitely been overloading myself with Freaks. , I had been watching a horror movie a day in order to get the content that I need to write the thing. That is until my partner noticed that I was really fucking depressed all of a sudden. It was way too fucking much, especially when I had been exposing myself to horror movies that feature transphobia, mental illness discrimination, ableism, body horror, plus a lot of other bullshit. I’m not invincible and watching horror movies every day for about a month is a fucking terrible idea. I'm going to go back to posting every day this week (hopefully), so stay tuned for more content and art. I'm excited to get back to sharing my work with you all!

TL;DR I watched problematic and violent horror movies for like a month straight and my mental heatlh tanked, I’m back now! Expect more art and content from me this week.

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