· Nerve Pain,Grief,Ink Drawing,Transgender,Nonbinary

I’m pretty sure I have thoracic outlet syndrome. My grip is weird and my arm is sore and numb. It happened before, but this time it’s not going away. I don’t need to justify why I think I have it to you all.

The rest of my body is unpredictable, but I never thought I wouldn’t be able to use my hands. Especially my hand that I use to draw. Drawing gives me joy. And I need to learn how to draw again in a way that’s sustainable for my body. I’m in so much grief. So I did a painting about it.

[Image description: There’s a wet piece of paper on a green desk sitting next to a cup of pitch-black ink with a brush laying next to it. The text on the image says “I used to use my good hand but it hurts too bad. I never thought I wouldn’t have my hand.” There’s also a cold cup of tea, sitting on a dirty coaster, then to the right there are some barely visible assorted art tools.]

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