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I finished reading adrienne maree brown's Emergent Strategy and I can’t stop trying to think of ways that we can structure and learn from our movements by looking at what nature has already been showing us the whole time.
In my partner and I’s backyard, we had to pull up a bunch of mint because it was sprouting throughout our planter beds. Don’t worry, we’re going to dry a lot of the leaves and make peppermint tea so it doesn’t go to waste! One of the mint plants my partner pulled up had roots that were three feet long.
I’m thinking about this in terms of disability justice. How so much of the work is unseen and, often, unrecognized. Crips aren’t always at the forefront of movements, but we’re definitely there providing care and nourishment. Even if you can’t always see us.

[Image description: My partner, holding a bunch of mint. You can see the long, soil-covered roots that reach toward the camera lens. Then, sprouting from the stop are hundreds incredible mint leaves that are a bright, striking green.]

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