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Scaring Repressed Str8 Men

· Toxic masculinity,Transphobia,Misandry Monday,Cripplepunk,Nonbinary

On my way to my psychiatrist’s on Monday, wearing this Look, and walking to my car, this crusty middle-aged white dude looked at me, shook his head and laughed at me. I was really, really fucking angry for a second. But then I realized that his reaction to me meant that he has some really deep issues with his masculinity and is probably a deeply repressed gentleman with a sad, sad life. I felt so much better.⁣

[Image description: I’m sitting in a coffeeshop wearing neon turquoise lipstick, my circular-gold rimmed glasses, and heavy black eyeliner. I’m sticking my tongue out in an expression of annoyance, with my eyes closed.]⁣

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