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Announcement time! I’m working on my first zine: Freaks.


Cw: slur reappropriation


Freaks is about the way that disabled bodies in horror media are used to make a point of the way we should bodies that have recognized by dominant systems as disabled. It’s about the way that disabled bodies are treated as incomplete and broken. Horror movies function like freak shows; they are intended to teach the audience a terrible lesson about what is to be a freak, who are the freaks, and how the freaks should be treated.

But Freaks is also a love letter to the content creators who are using horror media as a way to tell the scariest stories: experiences of oppression and marginalization. Many creators are doing this work to tell terrifying stories which could not otherwise be told. We need to imagine films and spaces in which those who exist within the margins, the freaks, are honored.

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